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  1. Pauly_Wauly

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    Can somebody please offer some help on how to use the heads4all plot?

    Don't want to do something we are not supposed to be doing...

    Regards....parent on a VERY big Minecraft learning curve :))
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  2. lardydare

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    When you're at heads4all, to pick up a head you need to press Ctrl + *Middle click
    *Middle click is pressing down on the mouse wheel and is normally the button used for picking up blocks
    Picking up banners just requires middle click

    I hope this helps (I probably haven't explained this very well lol) :)
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  3. LegoBoyo

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    To get to the heads4all plot, type /plot v heads4all
  4. Pigichu

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    Just do add a little bit to what @Event_is_bald said..
    Its crouch + Mouse wheel or middle click.
    Just because everyone has a different preference on the keys they use.
    There are signs there that explain how to pick up heads as well.
  5. TheAfkOne

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    if you have a mac, or a mouse without a wheel, you can change your pick block in the settings, and in controls. you still need to do ctrl + (what item you chose to pick item, default is middle mouse wheel)
  6. Pauly_Wauly

    Pauly_Wauly Adept VIP

    Brilliant, thanks for your help guys.
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