Recource World Boarder Caused Me To Die

Discussion in 'Get Help!' started by JoeRainbow, Jan 5, 2019.

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  1. JoeRainbow

    JoeRainbow Adept

    Dear Moderators, Admins and Owner I am JoeRainbow and I love the server and I just got my hands on the 1.9 Elytra I had one before but I didn't have it anymore but anyways I went on a mansion hunt but unfortunately the world boarder killed me without warning I will admit I knew I was close but I didn't realize it would do that and I was wondering if I could get my items back as it was an unfair death a mod told me to write a post so I am anyways here's the important contents I want refunded.

    Diamond Sword
    Diamond Shovel
    Diamond Chestplate, Diamond Leggings, Diamond Boots
    12 Gold Ingots
    Iron Pickaxe: I think
    2 Nether Stars
    and some other contents I won't mention

    Note normally I wouldn't report a death but when it's as unfair as this one I feel it's unfair and should be either refunded in terms of paying me the money or I should get my stuff back.

    I won't be angry if it is not refunded but I just am asking if any of you can get record or refund it please msg me back on here or in game thanks.

    Signed: JoeRainbow - January 5th 2019
  2. LifeLearner

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    We are glad to hear that you really love Sandlot. We do too!

    I'm really sorry that you died from flying into the world border. I am always shocked and saddened when I die in survival worlds. It upsets me for a while.

    Our Sandlot policy is that Moderators do not use Creative Mode to generate items in our Survival servers (Easy, SVS, UHC, and Skyblock). When players die from in-game accidents, the players must replace their own lost items. This is the way of survival worlds.

    You can purchase replacement items from the SVS spawn shops or from players in-game with you.

    I recommend that you use an Ender Chest to store your valuables, such as Nether Stars and Gold. That way, these items are not truly lost when you die. You can usually buy Ender Chests from the shops at SVS spawn. Or, you can craft one with 8 Obsidian and 1 Eye of Ender.

    This issue with hitting borders while using Elytra is not new. As you see in the thread below, other players have had this experience.

    Please note what c0wg0d said in this thread about exactly how big the worlds are. You can see coordinates on your screen to help you stay away from the edges of the worlds.

    Our FAQ talk about reading coordinates in Minecraft.

    Good luck with future mansion-hunting!

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  3. dj_H

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    @JoeRainbow I hope you read this. The forums are a place I feel comfortable writing mini-essays... not so much in chat. I take a big amount of responsibility for your feelings of loss right now. It was I who gave you the elytra, the rockets, a nice bow... and I'm not sure what else. I was the one to tell you to fly out to 2,500 - as that was the world border. I hoped we could land just shy of the border and start circling the end to find loot.

    What I DO know about the end borders in both UHC and the RW SVS is this: when you casually walk past +/-2,500 x/z, you are kindly teleported back a few blocks "into-bounds" and you can resume your exploring. When you are flying at high velocities above the ground (using an elytra) you are actually teleported back near 0=x 0=z spawn and often UNDER the middle end island!!! This can be disorienting and often kills most players. I use this feature to save rockets and get back to the overworld- so its not always a terrible thing.

    I did manage to find one unlooted Eship and Ecity near -1307 130 -335. Hopefully you can get over 1,000 blocks in order to bridge out and get some end goods this month. If it doesn't happen this month, there is a chance next month too when the RW is reset.

    We've all died at some point in a survival world in Minecraft... it's no fun but offers a chance to grow- and seek comfort from other players (the sandlot excels in this!!! Go team Sandlot!).
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  4. dj_H

    dj_H Your Skyblock Host VIP Helper

    I just realized there are 2 different issues. My post addressed (directly) an issue with end world borders. Overworld borders are much more unforgiving when it comes to collision. Sorry for any confusion.
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