Sandlot 2020 Graduation Celebration - June 13th

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  1. LifeLearner

    LifeLearner The One Who Knows Moderator VIP Elder

    It's party time!

    Please join our Community in celebrating the achievement of Sandlot's 2020 Graduates!

    We want to honor the hard work and achievements of those Sandlot players who are graduating this year. We know that many schools have cancelled their graduation ceremonies, and other end-of-year celebrations. While a Sandlot celebration could not equal those special moments with family and friends, we want to recognize these milestone achievements within our Sandlot Community.

    The celebration will take place in the Lobby at the times below. We hope to see you there, cheering on the graduates!

    Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) 1 PM
    Mountain Daylight Time (MDT) 2 PM
    Central Daylight Time (CDT) 3 PM
    Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) 4 PM
    British Summer Time (BST) 9 PM
    Australian Western Standard Time (AWST) 4 AM Sunday (June 14)
    Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) 6 AM Sunday (June 14)
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  2. WanderingLlama

    WanderingLlama Wayfaring Drama Helper Elder

    Congratulations all graduates! I hope this will be a fun and memorable event for all of you!
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  3. tmuo

    tmuo :D VIP

    i cant wait to celebrate with you all! congrats to all the grads! :)
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  4. _Hatter

    _Hatter Mad_ VIP

    woohoo! can’t wait to support everyone!
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  5. Pokiechu

    Pokiechu I poke at you!

    I’ll try my best to make it, cause you graduates deserve it! if I end up not making it: congratulations all you grads!! you did it!
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  6. Kirratikin0

    Kirratikin0 Professional Rat Smuggler

    It'll be at 11pm for meee ):
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  7. Kirratikin0

    Kirratikin0 Professional Rat Smuggler

    But congrats all the same :D
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  8. _Copper_Stealer_

    _Copper_Stealer_ Artistic Tendencies VIP

    this is a great idea! congrats all grads! your amazing! i mite not be able to make it so again, congrats!
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  9. briberry

    briberry Master VIP

    Aww, this is such a thoughtful/sweet idea for the grads! I will definitely try to make it to the graduation! (I most likely will due to summer break) CON(GRAD)S!
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  10. LilAdamBrooks

    LilAdamBrooks Super Adam

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  11. AndromedaJulie

    AndromedaJulie Official Namer of Pets Helper

    Who are our graduates? I'd love to know!
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  12. LilAdamBrooks

    LilAdamBrooks Super Adam

    It's tomorrow! Omg!
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  13. ItalianRepublic

    ItalianRepublic Garden of Eden

    Uh oh everyone's gonna hate me for saying this...
    aAAH i mUsST sAy IT!
    BST = British Summer Time, not British Standard Time
    phew I've said it... :oops::confused:
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  14. LifeLearner

    LifeLearner The One Who Knows Moderator VIP Elder

    Last call for 2020 graduates from Middle School, High School, or College!

    Please let me know if you would like to be included in tomorrow's celebration!
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  15. Bam_Boom_Boy

    Bam_Boom_Boy Wizard Insaning

    I'm coming! :)

    Edit: I might not be able to be there the whole time.
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  16. LilAdamBrooks

    LilAdamBrooks Super Adam

    its today
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  17. iamneko_

    iamneko_ floofer: part 2

    we need pomp & circumstance
    get on it
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  18. PEP56

    PEP56 Master

    BTW, congrats to the grads! Now, you each have to get up, in front of everyone else, and sing your alma mater at the top of your lungs.

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  19. ItalianRepublic

    ItalianRepublic Garden of Eden

    Play it on your viola, as you said it's just a violin but smaller
  20. iamneko_

    iamneko_ floofer: part 2

    bruh i forgot that it was larger when i first chose it xd