Sandlot Hardcore Relaunch: Available now!

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    After a lot of research, discussion, feedback, more discussion, plugin searching, code writing, more feedback, and a dash of hair pulling, Sandlot Hardcore is back!


    We didn't want to launch another survival server that was simply more difficult than SVS, but otherwise the same. The aim of this relaunch is world exploration, staying alive, and having friendly competition amongst friends.

    We aren't expecting you to build a giant castle with regen beacons that eliminate any obstacles to survive. Instead, we have modified the core Minecraft experience in several ways to encourage staying on the move and exploring.

    General Gameplay

    The core Minecraft gameplay has been modified on Sandlot Hardcore in the following ways:
    • The difficulty is set to HARD.
    • The overworld, nether, and end are all 5000x5000 blocks.
    • Your health will not regenerate by eating.
    • Your health will not regenerate from regeneration beacons or golden apples.
    • Your health will regenerate with regeneration potions or health potions.
    • Golden apples cannot be crafted.
    • Creepers will have a much larger explosion than normal when they explode.
    • Creepers will destroy blocks when they explode, even in your claims.
    • Creepers will set fire to anything nearby when they explode.
    • Fire spread is on.
    • Zombies will break down wooden doors, even in your claims.
    • You cannot sleep in beds.
    • If you die, you will respawn in a random location in the world.
    • When you respawn after dying, you will be invulnerable to all damage for 60 seconds.
    • When a player dies, everyone on the Hardcore server will get a message that a player has died, along with coordinates. Additionally, their head will be placed on a fence post to mourn their loss.

    We are still allowing claims so that you can have a place to call home with all your essentials like a food stash and diamonds and iron to make tools. However, the claims will start and remain small. Everyone will start with 500 claim blocks, and you earn 100 claim blocks for every hour of gameplay, to a maximum of 2,500 claim blocks total. This will give you a 50x50 claim at maximum (the same size as a Creative plot). It's enough room to build some farms and have a home, but not enough for monolithic builds.

    Homes, Warps, and Teleportation

    There will be no /home, /warp, or /tpa commands. Your Minecraft survival skills will be put to the challenge as you navigate the terrain. To make navigation a little easier than having your F3 screen on all the time, you will be given a compass when joining. If you right click while sneaking with the compass in your hand, you will set your home location where you stand. Then, no matter where you are in the world, you can right click with the compass in your hand to make it point to your previously set home location.

    Custom Achievements and Points Leaderboard

    To encourage friendly competition, Sandlot Hardcore has a custom achievements system and a Points leaderboard. Here is how it works.
    1. Each custom achievement will award you a set number of points (shown below).
    2. Your base points have an applied modifier based on how many times you have died. Dying will have a massive impact on your position on the leaderboard, so be careful!
    3. The points are calculated with this formula: base points * (10 - number of deaths) * 10
    4. The maximum number of deaths that will have an impact on your score is 10. This means dying 10 times will affect your score the same as dying 11 times or 50 times or 1,000 times.
    Some examples:
    1. JackenKracken has earned 55 base achievement points and has never died. 55 * (10 - 0) * 10 = 5,500 points.
    2. hamsrus1 has earned 115 base achievement points and died 2 times. 115 * (10 - 2) * 10 = 9,200 points.
    3. c0wg0d has earned 500 base achievement points and died 11 times. Since I have died more than 10 times, I would have the maximum modifier penalty on my score. 500 * (10 - 10) * 10 = 5,000 points.
    As you can see in the above examples, even though I have far more achievement points than hamsrus1, her score is much higher because she has died fewer times.

    - 20 oak fence, 5 points
    - 100 stone bricks, 10 points
    - 10 obsidian, 10 points

    - 100 stone, 10 points
    - 1000 stone, 100 points
    - 100 dirt, 10 points
    - 1000 dirt, 100 points
    - 1000 netherrack, 25 points

    - 1 zombie, 5 points
    - 50 zombies, 50 points
    - 1 skeleton, 10 points
    - 50 skeletons, 100 points
    - 1 spider, 5 points
    - 50 spiders, 50 points
    - 1 creeper, 20 points
    - 50 creepers, 125 points
    - 1 enderman, 15 points
    - 50 endermen, 75 points
    - 1 slime, 5 points
    - 50 slime, 50 points
    - 1 zombie pigman, 25 points
    - 50 zombie pigmen, 150 points
    - 1 ghast, 15 points
    - 50 ghasts, 75 points
    - 1 blaze, 25 points
    - 50 blazes, 200 points
    - 1 wither, 500 points

    - Crafting table, 5 points
    - Diamond Pickaxe, 10 points
    - Diamond Sword, 10 points
    - Enchantment table, 25 points
    - Brewing Stand, 25 points

    - 50 arrows, 10 points

    - 100 snowballs, 10 points

    - 100 eggs, 10 points

    - 10 fish, 5 points

    - 5 treasures, 5 points

    - 1 food item, 5 points
    - 100 food items, 50 points

    - 10 sheep sheared, 10 points
    - 100 sheep sheared, 100 points

    - 1 c0w milked, 5 points

    - 1 trade, 50 points
    - 25 trades, 250 points

    - 1 anvil use, 15 points
    - 10 anvil uses, 100 points

    - 1 enchantment, 20 points
    - 10 enchantments, 100 points

    - Level 1, 5 points
    - Level 10, 50 points
    - Level 20, 100 points
    - Level 30, 200 points

    - 1 potion, 25 points
    - 5 potions, 100 points
    - 10 potions, 200 points

    - 1 hour, 10 points
    - 5 hours, 500 points
    - 10 hours, 1000 points

    - 1000 blocks, 10 points
    - 5000 blocks, 100 points
    - 10000 blocks, 200 points

    - 100 blocks, 10 points

    - 5000 blocks, 50 points
    - 10000 blocks, 100 points

    - 1000 blocks, 50 points

    - 1000 blocks, 50 points

    - 1000 blocks, 10 points
    - 5000 blocks, 100 points
    - 10000 blocks, 200 points

    - 5000 blocks, 50 points
    - 10000 blocks, 100 points

    - 10 fields, 10 points
    - 100 fields, 100 points
    - 500 fields, 500 points

    - 10 bonemeal, 5 points
    - 100 bonemeal, 50 points

    - 1 animal tamed, 25 points
    - 10 animals tamed, 100 points

    - Should we use this instead of consumed potions?

    - 5 fireworks, 5 points
    - 50 fireworks, 15 points

    - 1 jukebox used, 25 points

    - 1 enderpearls used, 10 points
    - 15 enderpearls used, 10 points
    - 50 enderpearls used, 10 points

    - 10 items, 5 points
    - 50 items, 10 points
    - 100 items, 25 points
    - 1000 items, 50 points

    Custom Terrain

    To encourage exploration, Sandlot Hardcore is using a custom terrain generator like none you have ever seen before! There is nothing vanilla about it!

    Leaving Hardcore

    If you need to log off Sandlot or wish to go to another server, you can use /lobby from anywhere. There will be a 15 second warmup for this command to prevent players trying to escape death unfairly.

    When you return to Hardcore, you will be placed wherever you last used the /lobby command.

    Map Reset

    This new iteration of Hardcore is yet another experiment that we will continue to change and modify based on your feedback. As such, we will be resetting the map and your achievements and inventories frequently. Our goal is to have a consistent reset schedule and reset around the 1st of every month. Since we are just now launching, our first Hardcore reset will occur around May 1st.


    We would love to hear your feedback! I wrote a lot of the gameplay changes myself in a custom plugin just for The Sandlot, so I am sure there are going to be bugs. If you have general feedback (the world should be bigger, we should reset the map less often, we should add an achievement for killing Razz, etc.), you may post that here in this thread. If you have specific bugs to report (I can't get out of spawn, my compass doesn't work, etc.) please post those in the Bug Report forum.

    It's dangerous to go alone. Be safe out there!
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    FIRST REPLY!!!!!!!!!!!

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    YES!!! I am so excited!! :)
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    Pretty awesome! I might come on to check it out. :)
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    You forgot to tell everyone about the Gorn ranking system.
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    Wait - this can't be right, can it? Under this calculation (and my last math class was more than 25 years ago) if you had 10 deaths, your score would always be zero (10 - 10 is zero, zero multiplied by anything is zero).
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    Cool!! I can't wait!
    (Ok srsly you'll prob see me here more then creative now ROFL)
  10. JackenBracken

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    What I think he means is if you have... 5 deaths,

    10-5=5, so five, due to in the original post nothing was edited to the ten, so nothing was taking away from the points.

    This makes no sense. ;_;
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    Oh my gosh! This is awesome! Thanks to all who helped with the making of it! Thanks @c0wg0d!
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    nice @c0wg0d
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    Perfect! And thank you! Too bad I'm AFK! Well, I always went for the long game, so a couple of hours late to the scene won't matter too much.

    Thank you again guys!
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    I was wondering if anyone would mention that... There's a check before it does that calculation, and if deaths is greater than 10 it just makes the modifier 1 instead of 10 - 10 (or 0).
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  15. Cool but I'm not going to be playing as the resets are to frequent for me to have any intrest in it I mean everything but the resets sound cool the the achievements give you a goal except for the fact that a vip (it said cup before auto correct:rolleyes:) who wants to can just make a safe afk farm and almost never die creaming everyone else's score with little effort which makes the achievements sound rigged just like pay to play games.
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  16. dj_H

    dj_H Your Skyblock Host VIP Helper you suggest an AFK notification instantly spawns a creeper next to the player? :)

    I joke but you make a couple good points. So let's test this thing!
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    So amazing... might have to actually play this weekend ;)
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    While it's true that a mob farm could get you a lot of those achievements quickly, building a mob farm in Hardcore mode isn't exactly easy, and there are TONS of other achievements to get too. I would encourage you to try it just to see the terrain (because it's amazing) and to provide feedback on how you'd like to see gameplay changed in the future.
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    Yessss! I never played hardcore a lot but I think I'll start playing it now. :D
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    I think we should have more time before the next reset and an achievement for killing Razz would be pretty cool xdROFL:d
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