Scheduled Maintenance: Nights from Monday, June 20th through Friday, June 24th

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by c0wg0d, Jun 20, 2016.

  1. c0wg0d

    c0wg0d Master Owner Moderator VIP

    Maintenance will be ongoing during the evenings all this week, starting at approximately 8pm Arizona time each night.

    To find the time in your timezone, see here:,900,cn3
    Or here:

    A lot has happened since I went on vacation. There are many plugin updates that need to be performed.

    All servers will be offline for 30 minutes or less tonight. Other updates will be performed server by server, and I will do my best to minimize downtime and not disrupt anyone's Sandlot play time.

    Thanks for your patience and understanding.
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  2. zilory

    zilory Expert at Dying While AFK VIP Helper Elder

    Yay thanks a lot c0w!
    First reply on this thread @Luigi8831 :p
  3. Luigi8831

    Luigi8831 Sandlot's Owl Helper

    I know you get this from everybody everytime you do maintenance but still...
    Thanks for taking your time to improve the server even more than it's current awesome state!
    also thanks for picking a time that I'll be asleep in :p
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  4. Xovyota

    Xovyota Has A Creative Title

    Thanks c0w! Glad to see you're back in bizness!
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  5. Luigi8831

    Luigi8831 Sandlot's Owl Helper

    It's not your first post though... :p
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  6. TheAfkOne

    TheAfkOne Most visits to AFKland daily VIP Helper

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  7. Good work cow I don't care about server downtime this whole server would be run down without a dedicated admin like you with cherrac gone for now.
  8. Thanks c0w
  9. bizarr0

    bizarr0 Zebra Expert Moderator VIP Elder

    Thanks and welcome back. Moo. ;)
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  10. LegoBoyo

    LegoBoyo Blockmaster VIP Helper Elder

    Thanks c0w!
  11. Frazure

    Frazure Part time Firebender and Cat whisperer VIP

    Welcome back b33fg0d! Can we have burgers tonight??
  12. zilory

    zilory Expert at Dying While AFK VIP Helper Elder

  13. Yekul10

    Yekul10 Expert

    Thanks! I hope you liked your vacation.
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  14. alfonsok

    alfonsok Expert

    Yay Thanks c0w so much
  15. pizzadog2

    pizzadog2 Artisan VIP Helper

    Why, thank you! I know that this kind of stuff isn't excactly easy
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  16. Diamond314

    Diamond314 Sandlot Video and Audio Artist

    Maintenance I hear? Does this mean the server is finally updating to 1.9, or better yet, 1.10?
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  17. zilory

    zilory Expert at Dying While AFK VIP Helper Elder

    I don't think so lol.
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  18. _IshDeFish_

    _IshDeFish_ Expert VIP Helper

    Hopefully HG is updating to 1.8 so we can start 1.9s!
  19. LifeLearner

    LifeLearner Wonderer, Philosopher, Scholar Moderator VIP Elder

    Not yet. Hang in there... we want it as much as you do.:D
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  20. Pingu632

    Pingu632 Expert VIP Helper Elder

    Woo hoo, welcome back c0w. Half an hour of downtime for hours and hours, days and days of up/fun time is so worth it. Gives me a chance to play 1.10 in single player! I still haven't made it to the end, found an elytra, pots of gold in mesa mineshafts. . . .
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