Scheduled Maintenance: Tonight

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by c0wg0d, May 20, 2016.

  1. c0wg0d

    c0wg0d Master Owner Moderator VIP

    I am planning on doing some maintenance tonight, in about 12 hours or so from this post.

    I probably won't be able to complete everything, but my main goals are:
    • Remove the HorseKeep plugin on SVS and Easy (no more teleporting horses! :().
    • Update LWC to protect all door types as well as armor stands and minecarts with chests and hoppers
    • See if I can figure out the problem with the nether fortress in Easy nether spawn
    • Update Build Battle to a new version
    • Remove the flower pot kit from Hide and Seek (does anyone even play this game anymore?)
    • Try to fix lingering bugs with Jobs in Easy
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  2. bizarr0

    bizarr0 Zebra Expert Moderator VIP Elder

    Sounds like a lot of work. Thanks for the effort!
  3. TheAfkOne

    TheAfkOne Most visits to AFKland daily VIP Helper

    thanks c0w! :)
  4. Luigi8831

    Luigi8831 Sandlot's Owl Helper

    Thanks c0w :D

    (Also, we have Build Battle and Hide and Seek?)
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  5. Greggor1000

    Greggor1000 Expert VIP Helper

    I try to play hide and seek every once and awhile
  6. Not often I check every now and then but even when you do play all hiders that are willing to sit there and wait to win. (I run out and fight though impatience or unwillingness to sit there)
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  7. Cherry_Keen

    Cherry_Keen ham’s daughter VIP Helper

    Thanks c0w. A few days ago we had too many people trying to play Hide n Seek that some couldn't get in. :p
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  8. _A1sauce_

    _A1sauce_ Adept

    Thanks a bunch c0w! We appreciate the hard work that you put into our server. *Hugs* -A1
  9. Yekul10

    Yekul10 Expert

    I can't wait!!!
  10. Avatar_plays_MC

    Avatar_plays_MC Airbender Helper

    Yes, they were added in Arenas's 1.8 update

    Good luck with the maintenance, c0w! (and yes, some people do play hide and seek, but for buildbattle basically no one plays because of the bugs)
  11. Roxie238

    Roxie238 Expert

    Thank you c0w! Yes, I still play H&S but it is hard to find players to make a game
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  12. Frazure

    Frazure Part time Firebender and Cat whisperer VIP

    Oooh we should have the option to be grass... <Evil Mind
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  13. gogogan

    gogogan Expert

    we are just waiting to pounce on a day where a lot of people play it o_O Thanks c0w *gogogan
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  14. Ravyneye

    Ravyneye Adept VIP

    Hi c0wg0d, not sure if you saw my post in the other thread in sky block, but I don't believe LWC works on alchemy stands either (potion stands?).

    And thanks for the hard work!

  15. c0wg0d

    c0wg0d Master Owner Moderator VIP

    I didn't get as far as I'd hoped.
    • HorseKeep has been removed from Easy and SVS
    • LWC is not changed yet
    • BuildBattle was not updated because the new version did not work
    • Hide and Seek was updated--there is a new ability for the hiders called TNT Master
    • The flower pot was removed for the hiders
    • Jobs plugin unchanged
    • No update on nether fortress in Easy, after a half hour of fiddling I'm still not sure what is going on there
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  16. JackenKracken

    JackenKracken First Secretary for Java Minecraft Revitalization Moderator VIP Elder

    Well Nero allegedly fiddled while Rome burned, so a half hour of fiddling isn't all that bad! Is the LWC a short or long term delay, do you know?
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  17. pizzadog2

    pizzadog2 Artisan VIP Helper

    I learned this not too long ago in school:D We are studying ancient Rome
  18. Xovyota

    Xovyota Has A Creative Title

    Does that mean that we're gonna have another maintenance?
  19. c0wg0d

    c0wg0d Master Owner Moderator VIP

    I will probably do another round of maintenance tonight.
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  20. LegoBoyo

    LegoBoyo Blockmaster VIP Helper Elder

    This sounds great c0wg0d! Can I help with any of it?

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