Solar Eclipse in the United States this Monday!

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  1. CreeperSword

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    You can use this: [​IMG] to see the eclipse (NOT FOR LOOKING AT THE ECLIPSE), the circles will turn to crescents like in the picture.
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  2. FreakyFaxon

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    Unfortunately my school won't be able to go outside, even though they encourage us to have our parents to take us to see it. I don't know if I will be able to see the Eclipse. However if you are seeing the eclipse be safe and have fun!
  3. IshieSquishie

    IshieSquishie Master VIP Helper

    I have glasses and I live in
    Nashville. So i get to see 100% of it! *and possibly meet a yt person thats coming to nashville for the eclipse*
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  4. DattMale

    DattMale Master

    Today is the day! so excited!!!!!!
  5. Pacquiaoo

    Pacquiaoo Master VIP

    I can't see it because my parents want me to do something else at that particular time.. -_-
  6. hamismyunclehams

    hamismyunclehams Typo Master VIP

    if you can't see the eclipse, just watch it on television on the news... it's what my family's doing
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  7. DogFriend202

    DogFriend202 trying to be the best she can be

    I completely forgot that the eclipse was the week before my trip O-o
    Well, I'm watching it on tv xd
    (I forgot to remind my parents to get solar eclipse glasses kri)
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  8. c0wg0d

    c0wg0d Master Owner Moderator VIP

    I've been watching it for the last half hour and it's so awesome! I even got to see it through a telescope with a sun filter!
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  9. bizarr0

    bizarr0 Master Moderator VIP Elder

    I haven't seen this many people outside since Pokemon Go got released last summer! ROFL
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  10. DanishG10

    DanishG10 Master

    lol, I did the same thing ;) My mom didn't think it worked
  11. Blaise__

    Blaise__ Book Nerd

    The Eclipse was amazing! It got so dark that the lights outside turned on, and it got really cold!
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  12. Phops


    Where I am right now (my house), we get 99.17%! Watching it was super cool as it passed in front of the sun. Our street got darker and the street lights came on ROFL
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  13. YS_Electro_Wiz

    YS_Electro_Wiz tesseracting since 2016

    My dad and i made the pinhole projector so that we could both see the eclipse( we already had glasses) it works perfectly!
  14. SupersonicE9

    SupersonicE9 Retro Gamer VIP Helper Elder

    I was able to see the eclipse!!! :D (I used protective glasses, of course.) It covered most of the sun where I was at! :)
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  15. Avatar_plays_MC

    Avatar_plays_MC Airbender Helper

    We saw about 70% where I live, my dad got some really cool photos of it- I'll upload those in an hour or two :p
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  16. zilory

    zilory Master VIP Helper Elder

    Woo hoo just saw it. It was awesome!
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  17. MinecrafterMen

    MinecrafterMen Artisan

    The full eclipse is amazing and the rest is cool to but not nearly as good.
  18. The eclipse was awesome!!! Its so cool how scientists are intelligent enough to predict it and uncover facts about the solar system
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  19. CaptainFinner

    CaptainFinner The Funny One VIP Helper

    It looked v cloudy :rolleyes: but i used a welding helmet for a min and it looked pretty cool! But w/o glasses it was just a cloudy day well looked like cloudy day :p
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  20. Xovyota

    Xovyota Has A Creative Title

    It was pretty cloudy, luckily it cleared up in time! :rolleyes:

    I got a few pictures! :D

    IMG_0503.jpg IMG_0504.jpg
    They weren't very good...All I did was put my eclipse glasses in front of the camera lens and took pictures in the sky without looking. xd

    These ones were the only ones that I could kind of see, hopefully y'all got to see the eclipse yourselves. :)