Solar Eclipse in the United States this Monday!

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  1. Wow! I live in the upstate of sc and we saw 100% of it! :D
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  2. FreakyFaxon

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    Even though I stayed at school during the Eclipse. The teachers took all the students out to our courtyard to see it and we were not looking at it directly! And then during lunch they played the NASA live stream on the t.v. Today was really fun anyways.
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  3. Avatar_plays_MC

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    DSCF1221.jpg DSCF1226.jpg DSCF1241.jpeg DSCF1243.jpeg DSCF1244.jpeg DSCF1252.jpeg DSCF1253.jpg DSCF1254.jpg

    *All photos were not edited at all, any cool-looking thingies in the photos were natural/caused by the camera.

    **Some photos were taken by a camera with a solar filter, others with eclipse glasses over the camera, and others with a solar filter and sunglasses.
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  4. hamismyunclehams

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    Wow! Those pictures of the eclipse are beautiful
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  5. DadMight

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    I saw the eclipse, It was rlly cool! My neighbor Bob thought it was amazin also and hes much older then me lol
  6. Tofflamingo

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    Sadly in my area the solar eclipse was a partial, and it didn't get dark at all. I tried to use my pinhole projector but it wasn't the same was having glasses.
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