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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by c0wg0d, Jan 22, 2017.

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  1. RennyBoi_320

    RennyBoi_320 Expert

    People!! We have been waiting for this! *chants biz, biz, biz.*
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  2. Abbz05

    Abbz05 Ninja mask wearing wolf Moderator VIP

    If the title is, "Something Something Teaser"... then does that mean the "new thing" is two words?

    "Easy Survival Teaser"?
    "Factions World Teaser"?
    "Skywars PVP Teaser"?
    "UHC Reset Teaser"?
    "c0w's Wheat Teaser"?

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  3. A reset or new mini game/world map would be the most likely to be the new thing.
  4. JackenKracken

    JackenKracken First Secretary for Java Minecraft Revitalization Moderator VIP Elder

    IDK, looks a lot like the Vang Stave Church in Poland. Moved from Norway, by a Prussian noble, and re-erected in Prussia, now Poland. Now, knowing c0wg0d, there must be a clue in there somewhere...
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  5. HamsterMC123

    HamsterMC123 Adept

    A: Hide and seek map. B: Easy spawn C: UHC spawn. But there's something off... I can't put my finger on it.
  6. _Hatter

    _Hatter Expert VIP

    If it is i will literally cry of happiness
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  7. LunaLovegood

    LunaLovegood original JUNA VIP Helper

    tbh it looks like a map on a murder mystery server I've played on
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  8. Along with all the Easy Survival guesses, it could be the floating islands/warped lands biome/preset like used in SVS- which could be used to trick us into thinking it's skywars/hide 'n seek? Or maybe one of the minigames mentioned. Just a thought.

    EDIT: There's a button on the tree.

    EDIT3: Or a new lobby!
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2017
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  9. When do we get to know what it is?
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  10. CaptainFinner

    CaptainFinner The Funny One VIP Helper

    Hmm... I'll take some notes of what the area looks like
    • A bit medieval. Not screaming modern skyscrapers, it makes me think of a quaint little provincial town in medieval times.
    • You can see a castle or tower like structure in the background.
    • Farm! I see a farm!
    • Seems to be high off the ground, a mountain that is rather high, but likely the sky.

    I believe it's either
    1. SkyWars!
    2. Easy Survival Reset!
    3. UHC Reset!
    4. Hide And Seek Returns!
    5. Factions (Or a Sandlot version of Factions!) Returns!

    I, personally, hope for 5, 1, 4. In order of favorites. :)

    Whatever it is, I can't wait!

    What is it??
    What could it be???
    WHAT IS IT??????? :O
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  11. SomethingGreen

    SomethingGreen Expert VIP

    Please tell us soon... :D
  12. _pigeon_bread_

    _pigeon_bread_ Sith Lord of Sandlot VIP

    something that requires me to be d0gw0c
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  13. charlemane72

    charlemane72 Adept

    I think you've got us stumped, c0w
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  14. MJB6

    MJB6 savage

    New lobby? Mods have been doing some lobby stuff lately..
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  15. _IshDeFish_

    _IshDeFish_ Expert VIP Helper

    looks like the inside of a barn behind the wheat thats in c0w's face
  16. _IshDeFish_

    _IshDeFish_ Expert VIP Helper

    maybe a prison world that requires you to farm to earn money?
  17. Diamond314

    Diamond314 Sandlot Video and Audio Artist

    In my skywars experiences, you haven't been required to farm, so it's unlikely that the wheat would be there if it were skywars, but who knows, maybe it's just decoration...
  18. Full_Moon_

    Full_Moon_ Expert VIP

    One, i knew the mods were working on something before this came out (i did /glist and saw them on dev2 and guessed they were doing something)

    two, i would LOVE a pvp world. we have arenas but that is different. in this you would make your own thing. if it is i would LOVE that and i would do SO much stuff with it.
  19. Beatbox_Girl

    Beatbox_Girl Adept

    This is a photo of taken in semi vanilla
  20. CaptainFinner

    CaptainFinner The Funny One VIP Helper

    Then why would it be a teaser...I doubt it's an unveiling of something in SV, more likely:
    • Factions/PVP world
    • Easy Reset
    • UHC reset
    • Hide and Seek'
    • A new mini game (Like Sky Wars, for example)
    (These are the five top guesses.)
    It probably looks like SVS, but isn't.
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