Staff Testing for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by c0wg0d, Oct 23, 2021.

  1. fancyfinn9

    fancyfinn9 The Good Grammar Guy

    Oh yeah!
    It would also mean I could invite many of my friends to try it out!
  2. CommanderCuccos_

    CommanderCuccos_ block guy on a computer

    THIS IS AWESOME I’m so excited for the possibilities of this, and I know you and the team can pull it off if you really want to! Good luck!
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  3. CommanderCuccos_

    CommanderCuccos_ block guy on a computer

    You are right. I am a ninja bridger, and after a ton of practice it is easy to pull off on Java. The main worry if I am correct is the easy god bridging. Zombie plays bedrock and he said it’s so easy to god bridge on bedrock.

    You are correct, without 1.8 combat is the reason for combos, and with 1.9 combat people focus on powerful crits rather than combos, making pvp that little bit more normal.
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  4. ahsokatxrtle

    ahsokatxrtle Never gonna give you up

    Okay, yeah.

    Btw ppl Zombie is our neighbor (we call him that online) lol
  5. Floofin

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    Also, you can toggle shift to be hold down or tap on Java in accessibility settings
  6. ahsokatxrtle

    ahsokatxrtle Never gonna give you up

    Thats true, but in BE it happens without you doing anything.
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  7. _GeneralSnoopy_

    _GeneralSnoopy_ Just Chillin'

    Speedbridging does work. .merk tested it for me. (floofin)
  8. ahsokatxrtle

    ahsokatxrtle Never gonna give you up

  9. _GeneralSnoopy_

    _GeneralSnoopy_ Just Chillin'

    If BE gets added, will Speedbridging be allowed?
  10. Disco_Duckling

    Disco_Duckling Shakin' the tail feathers

  11. _GeneralSnoopy_

    _GeneralSnoopy_ Just Chillin'

    If BE gets added, would speed bridging be allowed? And also what about wall bridging? (Jumping along walls by placing blocks on the edge)
  12. LifeLearner

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    It is too soon for these questions.
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  13. drxgonroar

    drxgonroar Gotta make you understand VIP

    The moderators will address these questions with time, but it's a work-in-progress and will probably be quite a while until BE is playable by all on the Sandlot. And to answer these concerns, there will have to be much discussion among the moderators, however don't take this idea for granted. As c0w said in the beginning post of this thread, they're just testing this, but don't know if it actually will happen. Much is undecided so far, as has been stated.
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  14. Excel__

    Excel__ Professional cat petter

    May I ask what software you are using for the cross-play support, just out of curiosity?
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  15. c0wg0d

    c0wg0d Master Owner Moderator VIP Helper

    We don't disclose what type of software we use.
  16. bradyrtech

    bradyrtech Most deaths from chickens in hard

    Bedrock edition support on the Sandlot would be amazing! This server would have a lot more people if it supported Bedrock Edition as some people have to play on devices such as phone, tablet, ETC.
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  17. SwampOFly

    SwampOFly Swampier than You!

    I have a concern about JE and BE servers running together. Will only JE players have to buy Bedrock Edition of Minecraft? Otherwise, thank you and a very happy Halloween to y'all!
    ~ Swampy
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  18. ladybxg

    ladybxg Never gonna say goodbye VIP Helper

    If you want to play BE and you don’t have it, the only way to play Sandlot on BE is to buy it. So yes, JE players with probably have to buy BE.
  19. Mariocrity

    Mariocrity A tale of two orcs VIP Helper Elder

    To clear up any confusion here, you won't have to buy Bedrock if you're a Java player. This is just for anyone who owns Bedrock to be able to play with Java players on the Sandlot.
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  20. waseric

    waseric The hidden hand Sandlot Administrator Moderator VIP

    This is exactly right @Mariocrity. Thank you!

    Think of the Sandlot as a playground (my favorite analogy, btw). We've always had one gate into the park -- Java Bedrock Edition. That gate works fine, and there are plenty of people who can get to that gate. IF we are able to support Bedrock, we'll be adding a second gate into the playground so that people who couldn't get to the first gate can now join us.
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