The Sandlot Parkour 2021 - New and Improved!

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  1. hamsrus1

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    You're not going to want to miss out on the freshly reset, new and improved Parkour server on The Sandlot! Can you believe that the original Parkour server was released at the beginning of 2014, 7 years ago? We think you're gonna like what we've done with the place!



    Something New:
    • You will earn in-game money and levels from completing courses instead of items.
    • Depending on what level "tier" you are, you will receive a corresponding rank. Bragging rights!
    • As you level up, you will begin to unlock higher difficulties, like Easy, Norm, Hard, and Cray. Hover over your name to see your level and rank!
    • A Parkour Shop has been added for you to buy blocks and materials with the money earned from courses.
    • "Challenge Courses" have been added in every difficulty. They include features such as potion effects, max death limits, time limits, and more. You can play them once you are at a certain level, and will earn extra rewards for completing them! This opens up a lot of cool opportunities for creative courses down the road.
    Something Borrowed:
    • Plots have been completely overhauled and updated - rent them for $350/month to show off cool builds! They function the same way as the houses at Easy spawn.
    • We have kept the best courses from the previous Parkour server, including staples such as Slime and Pro!
    Where to start? Play the new Tutorial course to go to Level 1, then move onto Easy courses, and keep going!

    More information will be delivered soon about creating your own Parkour courses. Keep an eye out on the separate Parkour server forum.

    @bobandbunny, @c0wg0d, and I have worked very hard on the brand new Parkour server and we are thrilled to present it to you all! Comment below if you have any questions. Jump in!

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  2. GemTheGerat

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    This sounds incredible! I love the idea of having goals! Thank you so much for all the work you guys did :)
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  3. Mickeyheart

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    Thank you guys so much!!

    This new parkour server is amazing! I had tons of fun getting to play on it :D

    Great work!!
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  4. bradyrtech

    bradyrtech Adept

    Will there be a map download of the old parkour?
  5. hamsrus1

    hamsrus1 unmoderated Moderator VIP Elder

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  6. c0wg0d

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  7. childofgodofno

    childofgodofno Craftsman VIP

    i love it!!!ROFLxd
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  8. llamas22

    llamas22 Master Helper

    Thank you so much! This is amazing :)
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  9. llamas22

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    @hamsrus1 there are impossible jumps (bricks are missing ladders) in cp3 of nyankour2.

    There is also no cp8 or finish line in kingoshawott
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  10. MCtwilight

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    Thank you all so much for your incredibly hard work on this! It is beyond amazing.
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  11. KRiskKaT

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    Looks amazing.... I have to set aside some time to learn to do this :confused:o_O:oops:
  12. hamsrus1

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    Thanks - please put this in the Bug Reports forum so I can look at it.
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  13. TruWolf_

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    Thanks for all your hard work!! The update truly is awesome

    One thing, how hard would it be to have milliseconds in the timer? Bc where you’re fighting for the top time those can matter a lot

    also is there a way to see the top times for a course?
  14. Mariocrity

    Mariocrity Coin Collector VIP Helper

    /pa leaderboard (course name)

    (Tip: You can add the number of top times you want to see at the end of the command. For example, if you want to see the top 10 times, you type /pa leaderboard (course name) 10. If you do not type a number, it will just show you the top 5 times.)
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  15. RMicky

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    this looks amazing! i may even have to hop on and try it out sometime :p
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  16. winged_gator

    winged_gator Expert

    are "jump" and "maze" still in parkour cus i really liked "jump"
  17. llamas22

    llamas22 Master Helper

    Unfortunately, Jump and Maze are no longer around. The new Parkour is amazing, though! :)