The Sandlot proudly presents... Skywars!

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    It's about time, c0w. - The Sandlot

    Yes, Skywars is finally here!


    Below you will find everything you need to get started.

    What is Skywars?

    Skywars is a Player-versus-Player gamemode that starts each player on an island with a few supplies. You can build your way to another player's island, or to the center for extra loot, but don't get knocked off or you lose! The last player (or team) alive wins the game!

    How do I get to Skywars?

    Enter the Arenas server from the lobby, then go through the water portal just outside the spawn ship, where Hide and Seek used to be.

    How do I play?

    To start, we have 4 arenas available. Two are solo arenas and two are team arenas. There is a wall inside the spawn house with join signs. You can right click the :323: sign for the arena you want to join, or you can use the :279: diamond axe in your inventory to bring up a Graphical User Interface (GUI) that shows all available arenas. Just left click the arena you want to join in the GUI and it will connect you immediately.

    You can also use the 'autojoin' feature to join any open game that hasn't begun yet. The sign to autojoin is the leftmost sign.

    Is there an economy?

    Yes! The economy is virtual coins that you can collect from winning games and getting achievements. It displays your coins on the right side of your screen when you are in the lobby.

    What can I buy with the coins I get?

    There are three item types you can purchase: kits, cages, and trails. Each of these item types has 3 tiers of rarity including common, rare, and legendary. The prices go up with each tier, and are subject to change based on player feedback and behavior.

    Kits are a set of items, weapons, and armor that you get automatically when a game starts.

    Cages are the blocks that you spawn into before a game starts.

    Trails are created when you fire an :262: arrow from a bow while in a game.

    You can purchase these items in the shop, which you access by left clicking with the :388: emerald in your hotbar. Using the shop should hopefully be self explanatory. You left click the item you want to purchase, and then confirm with the :95:13: green stained glass. If you are unable to completely see the descriptions for the items, you might need to go to your Minecraft Options...->Video Settings... and change the GUI Scale. Please keep in mind that you can accidentally buy duplicate items from the shop, which is a waste of money. Do not buy items you already own! There will be no refunds, so shop wisely! To see if you already own an item, look in your inventory, explained in the next section.

    How do I activate a kit, cage, or trail after I buy it?

    Use the "Profile" :steve: player head in your hotbar and left click the :54: chest to view your Inventory. Left click the kit, cage, or trail you want to activate. It should automatically update your scoreboard on the right with your selection.

    Be careful that you do not right click any items in your inventory, unless you intend to sell the item. Sold items only give you back 25% of their original value. This means if a kit costs 100 coins, you would get 25 coins back for selling it.

    You said something about teams?

    Yes, there are team arenas and a party system on Skywars! Use the :58: crafting table in your hotbar to view all players on the Skywars server and invite them to your party. When you create a party, you will automatically be on the same team when joining a team arena. Party sizes are a maximum of 3 players.

    Are there leaderboards?

    Yes! The leaderboard wall can be found inside the spawn house. The leaderboards are automatically updated every 15 minutes. There are leaderboards for the top wins, kills, coins, experience points, projectiles hit, blocks placed, blocks broken, items crafted, items enchanted, and fish caught. As you strive for the top of the leaderboards, you will unlock achievements along the way that give you extra coins!

    How do I exit Skywars?

    You can use /lobby or you can right click the :378: magma cream in your hotbar.

    Testing Phase

    Since Skywars is a new game type for us here on The Sandlot, there are likely going to be some issues with game balance and bugs. Therefore, we are going to keep Skywars in a TESTING PHASE for a week or two as we make changes based on your feedback. This means that player data might be wiped out. Once all the wrinkles are ironed out, the testing phase will end and you can begin keeping your coins, items, and stats.

    If you have any feedback on kits, items, the economy, or anything else, let us know. It's a whole lot easier to make changes earlier rather than later.

    Thanks and enjoy!
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    Agreeeee! Wow! I can't wait to play it! Thanks c0w.
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    It's about time, c0w!
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    be there in a minute... gotta switch to 1.11 :rolleyes:
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    Ack! can't see myself in the first picture.... second one I ain't looking!!! ROFL
    The reason I wasn't looking good I was on f5 trying to get a screenshot too. ^-^
    Thanks for posting those @c0wg0d !
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    So cool! Can't wait to try it out! :D
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    Yes! I know its gonna be super fun! Thank you c0w!
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    You are an amazing admin! Thank you SO MUCH for doing this! :D
    c0wg0d-Admin of the Year/best admin!
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    You do such a great job with everything, how do you keep up? :)
    Personally, I've never played skywars :rolleyes: But if it's on Sandlot, I know it's gonna be epic!!!
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    Awesome!! Thanks so much! :)

    I've played for a bit and it is super epic!
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    Dang I wish I could've been there for the opening but I was shooting in a TV series... So Happy about this!
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