The Sandlot: Roadmap 2020

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    Hi everyone! I hope you are all enjoying time with friends and family over the holidays and that you go into the new year with renewed zeal to achieve your goals and dreams, both in and out of Minecraft.

    I would like to lay out what my plans are for the coming year on The Sandlot. I will confess that I have not dedicated as much time to The Sandlot in the last couple years as I would have liked, and my New Year's resolution is to change that! We have many servers on old versions of Minecraft that need to be updated, and possibly reset. Below I am going to tell you a little bit about each server and what my plans are for upgrades this year.

    Please keep in mind that all dates below are speculative, and this post is just meant to give you an idea where our priorities are. Additionally, when I say 1.15, what I really mean is whatever the current version of Minecraft is, with the caveat being whether or not there are plugin updates that will support that version.


    We do have a new adventure map in the works that is close to being ready to launch, but there are a lot of plugin issues we need to work out before we can update the Adventure server. It will likely remain on 1.12.2 for the foreseeable future.


    The Arenas do not seem to be as popular as they once were. I was also quite worried about Arenas because the plugins we use for most of the minigames are all part of a single suite of plugins that were abandoned by the developers. Fortunately, many of the plugins have been taken over by new developers, and they currently have a working version that runs on Minecraft 1.15. I will need to take an assessment of the server, but I am hopeful that a 1.15 update will be possible in the next few months on the Arenas server.


    I am fairly certain that we will not have any issues updating Creative to 1.15 in the very near future, likely immediately following the relaunch of Easy Survival.

    Easy Survival

    The Easy survival server is our oldest server without a reset. The moderator team and I have been hard at work on a reset of this server and we are very near completion. I expect that we will be ready to relaunch a new, reset Easy Survival by the end of February at the very latest.

    FORMAL NOTICE: I am giving you a 30 day notice right now that the current Easy Survival will be closed on Feb. 1, 2020. I will provide a map download so you can continue playing that world in single player, and there will be a grand re-opening of Easy a few weeks later.

    Hard Survival

    We should be able to update to 1.15 on Hard Survival at the same time as the Creative server. I don't anticipate there being any problems doing this.

    Hunger Games

    The Hunger Games server is a very low priority for us. Not many people play there, and the plugin that runs the game and gives all the kits has not been updated since Minecraft 1.9. I will test to see if the plugin still works on 1.15, but again, it's a very low priority to do so.

    Normal Survival

    Some people have been asking for a reset of Normal Survival. The current map is 3 years old at this point. That being said, it is still a lower priority for us than Easy Survival, Creative, Hard Survival, and Skyblock. If we do anything with Normal Survival, it would probably be to update to 1.15 to get the new blocks in the resource world, but otherwise leave the map as is (no reset).


    Parkour should be a relatively easy update to 1.15. I will probably update this server along with Creative and Hard Survival.


    This one is a tough one. The Skyblock plugin was abandoned by the original developers when 1.13 came out, and a new developer has stepped in to update it, but the current release is still very buggy and experimental. I would like to make Skyblock a priority after Easy is relaunched and we update most of the "easy to update" servers to 1.15. One thing we do need to do is reset the Skyblock map. I have expressed my thoughts on this here:


    The Skywars plugin has received a recent update, but support for 1.14 and 1.15 is in "beta" status, meaning it is not very well tested and will likely have issues. We can probably update this server in between updates to Creative/Hard Survival/Parkour and Normal Survival.

    In summary

    Here are our current priorities as far as server upgrades go:
    1. Easy Survival
    2. Creative
    3. Hard Survival
    4. Parkour
    5. Skywars
    6. Skyblock
    7. Normal Survival (no reset, just update)
    8. Arenas
    9. Hunger Games
    10. Adventure
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    oof to easy but like, yea this is gonna be a great year! thx for everything you do on sandlot c0w
    cant wait for 1.15 lol
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  4. TAfirehawk

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    Thanks for the update c0wg0d. The work done by The Sandlot Team is VERY appreciated :D
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  5. LilAdamBrooks

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    Amazing idea! I hope it'll work out very well! Don't make any mistakes! :D
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  6. Rockclimbergirl

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    Thank you c0wg0d, I think this will work out well, best wishes, Rock! :) Thanks for helping out the Sandlot! I am also super excited to see the new adventures map!
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  7. Hey, thanks for this info, I do think that Creative deserves it's spot up there since it's all about the blocks. Happy New Year everyone!
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  8. CookieCutter44

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    Yay!! Easy is gonna be reset soon!! lol its been a while... Thank you for the update c0w! Have a happy New Year! :p
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  9. Diamond314

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    Awesome, thank you @c0wg0d! Man, I can't wait for that easy reset!
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  10. funkyfreakmalik

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    tridents should be added to the shop in arenas- or maybe an underwater pvp minigame?
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  11. TheBigBurger

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    Yay! Thanks c0wg0d!
    finally i can take over easy after it resets!
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  12. FastPablo1

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    I just might have to come back’s had my busy but an easy survival reset sounds fun :eek:
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  13. Mickeyheart

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    thank you for your hard work! I’ll try to log on ASAP:)
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  14. KRiskKaT

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    Thank you for updating us... so much to look forward to! ChanCe67T and I are plotting our goals for the new easy server now... I think he invited a friend to join too!
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  15. LunaLovegood

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    Easy is practically historical at this point. I feel sad that it is reseting but maybe I'll play again and make a new house :) I hope to come on soon and see it for the last time at least.
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    Thank you so much for everything, c0wg0d! It's odd to think how long I've been playing on this server since I very clearly remember when SVS/Normal was reset... due to real life stuff and lack of motivation generally, I haven't been able to play as much Minecraft as I would like to, mostly due to mixed feelings about the direction the game is heading and the sad reality that I don't have as much passion or time for this game as I once did. I'll likely be on a lot more for the Easy reset since it's a very chill world and I really enjoy the "jobs" system that it has (SVS/Normal used to be my thing but I've reached the point where it's all just grinding for materials to build something I'll never use because of how little Minecraft I'm now playing). Hopefully that'll relight the Minecraft spark inside of me xd
    Again, thank you so much for this incredible server. Even though it isn't as populated as it once was, I still often enjoy my time I spend on here. This server has helped me connect with people in a time where my real life was changing quite a lot. Thank you.
    Here's to a great year of Minecraft!
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  17. LegoBoyo

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    *happy dances* We're gonna have llamas! We're gonna have llamas! xdROFL:D
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  18. GemTheGerbil

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    And tropical glub glubs!
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  19. Yay now we get tridents! And and bees!
  20. TruWolf_

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    Thanks a lot c0w! I realize the effort you're putting into this and I (and a lot of other people) really appreciate it :)
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