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Discussion in 'Get Help!' started by NightsFantasy, Jul 22, 2020.

  1. Bunnyzilla

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    Hi, i was playing Skywars when i teamed up with this one player. I didn't know what to do, so i was planning to give her all my stuff and jump off. Then when i was sorting my inventory, she appeared out of the blue and killed me. Should i keep trusting people i don't actually hang with or not? Help!
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    No. Never trust people in arena games except for your friends. The sad truth is that so many people lie and betray to get kills. It is very frustrating and annoying, but unfortunately the liar gets away with it because it's in a pvp arena game.
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    Where you the only ones playing, or was there a miss-communication/no planning ahead of time or let her know what you were going to do?
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    Unfortunately, not all players are trustworthy in PvP games. I would only team with your friends, that way you know you can trust them completely. It is good to remember that PvP is not personal but simply a game - however, that wasn’t very nice and I’m sorry to hear it.
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    if you really want to team, then there are maps in sw that allows 2 or 3 people in each team. and if you want to team with someone and make sure that your in that team, you can always party with them by clicking the crafting table :)
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    You can remember who this player was, and avoid teaming with them in the future.

    There is no need to report a player for this behavior. Betrayal is a permissible strategy, however it has limited utility. A player who betrays will soon find that nobody trusts them, and they will be alone.
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    Yea sadly there is nothing you can really do, but it's okay to warn other players not to team with them. It's one of those things where they will get punished just by the consequences of their actions.
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    Awhile back, there was a list of people who would help players and truthfully team or truce with them in Factions. Should
    I still think it's strange how this server strives to be family/child friendly, even going so far as to ban drawings, yet allows people to lie and betray others.
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    Speaking as a player and a parent:
    I wonder where one draws the line on appropriate strategies for an activity where the sole objective is to kill other players.

    As a player, I enjoy neither killing or being killed by other players. So I don't PVP.
    As a parent, watching my munchkin playing, we've had lots of conversations regarding the fact that there's not much we can do about people using strategies we don't like. We can choose to participate in the things we like, and to step away from the things we don't like.

    If folks are generally playing by the Sandlot rules, that's really all I can ask.
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  11. Bunnyzilla

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  12. c0wg0d

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    Most other family-friendly Minecraft servers do not allow PvP of any kind. I believe that makes us a unique community, and gives us an opportunity to hold our players up to a higher standard. If we don't offer PvP, our players would have to go somewhere else to play in an unsavory environment, and I think that is a worse outcome than us having to deal with a few players who are still learning to navigate personal relationships in a much safer place overall.
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  13. Bunnyzilla

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    Okay i'm not going near sw tho ;)
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