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  1. c0wg0d

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    The Sandlot welcomes players of all ages and all walks of life. However, The Sandlot is not a place to discuss mature topics that involve politics, religion, or sexuality. The Sandlot is focused on allowing our community to play Minecraft together in a safe environment. It should not be used for a soapbox to push your ideals or agendas onto others.

    We have modified one of the guidelines under Rule 4 from:

    Do not discuss politics or religion in public chat, or in private chat with players who are not interested.


    Do not discuss religion, politics, sexuality, or other mature topics on the Sandlot.

    Thank you.
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  2. CaptainFinner

    CaptainFinner The Funny One VIP Helper

    Okay. Thank you for informing us of this change.

    I know this seems to be covered, but what about in Private Chat with players who are interested? I have a friend or two who are eager to have a polite and respectful discussion about these topics, in a way that does/did not break any rules.

    Thank you for your time, and for all you do to help this server! <3 :D
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  3. cajungirl70

    cajungirl70 Expert

    Tbh, as a parent I don't think I'd feel comfortable with my dtr or son talking to other people in private in an environment such as the internet. I mean these ppl are literally behind a computer and you have no idea that they are 100% who they say they are, the age that they say they are, or the gender that they say they are. You really have no idea who they are. I'd maybe be ok with the 1st 2 topics that @c0wg0d mentioned, but the 3rd one cld get sticky and go off into not so great or safe places. Again, this is the parent in me. I won't go into details on the different and concerning scenarios that could be in play, but I think y'all get my drift.

    If you do happen to "know" these players irl, then you could just talk to them in person....

    Just my 2¢:cool:.

    (Admins- feel free to remove this post if needed:).)
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  4. Doctor_Kawne

    Doctor_Kawne Prince of Fire Dragons VIP

    I wholeheartedly agree. I am not of the kind to condemn discussing specific aspects of the former two, if one should bring it to light in conversation. However, generally speaking, these subjects do tend to upset or provoke others - I understand and respect this. Concerning the latter, I am pleased it was specifically addressed and forbidden. On any note, the information is appreciated. Once more, thank you @c0wg0d !
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  5. Giraffon

    Giraffon Expert Helper

    Because I'm a goofball, here are some confusing topics:

    Player: "Where do villagers come from?"
    Giraffon: "Zombie Villagers"
    Player: "Where do Zombie Villagers come from"
    Giraffon: "Scary places that are dark."
    Player: "You didn't really answer my question very well."
    Giraffon: "What? Hey is that a creeper over there?"

    Player: "Why do the villagers need a church?"
    Giraffon: "They like to climb up to the top and look around"
    Player: "But what about that thing on the side of it?"
    Giraffon: "It's for support"
    Player: "Support of what?"
    Giraffon: "What? Hey, is that a creeper over there?"

    Player: "Who's in charge of all these villagers?"
    Giraffon: "Me."
    Player: "Why you? Don't the villagers have rights?"
    Giraffon: "I found them. I'm in charge."
    Player: "That doesn't seem fair"
    Giraffon: "What? Hey, is that a creeper over there?"
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  6. Mickeyheart

    Mickeyheart Wielder of the Forbidden Ukelele Helper

    I would just like to add if you are being asked uncomfortable questions / questions you shouldn’t be answering in a family friendly Minecraft environment, change the subject or notify a member of the staff team if it gets out of hand. Also if you see someone talking about mature topics please let us know.
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  7. JackenKracken

    JackenKracken I'm the Only One Moderator VIP Elder

    Please note that the reference to private chat is removed. This means that these topics are barred from discussion, public or private.
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  8. CaptainFinner

    CaptainFinner The Funny One VIP Helper

    Okay, thanks for clarifying!
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  9. zilory

    zilory How did I get here? VIP Helper Elder

    Thank you for updating us.
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  10. KRiskKaT

    KRiskKaT Cinnamon Roll Hairbuns! VIP Helper Elder

    I’m glad for the specificity of the clarifications. I’m usually sitting next to my younger player so I know what is being said or typed, and I know that parents can run into uncomfortable situations as hinted at above (I had one in another game that I had to stop :eek:). Sometimes we need to have the tough discussions.
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  11. SupersonicE9

    SupersonicE9 Retro Gamer VIP Helper Elder

    Thanks for notifying us on the update to rule four. It's good to know that these things cannot be mentioned in private chat at all as of now. Fully eliminating it from Sandlot discussion, I feel, is a good decision because it eliminates the confusion of when and how it can be discussed. Great job on keeping the server family friendly! :)
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  12. Rockclimbergirl

    Rockclimbergirl Professional Homework Doodler VIP Helper

    Thank you c0w!
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  13. Sunsplace

    Sunsplace Expert VIP

    Very clear and thanks for making the server even more family friendly!!
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  14. Diamond314

    Diamond314 Sandlot Video and Audio Artist

    Thanks, c0w!
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