Welcome c0wg0d as Sandlot Administrator!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by cheracc, Jan 13, 2015.

  1. cheracc

    cheracc Master Founder VIP

    I would like to welcome c0wg0d as he takes his position as Sandlot Administrator.

    c0wg0d will be taking over the "back end" server stuff - updating and configuring plugins, fixing bugs - the really technical work. He has a strong background in this area, and I'm confident that he will do amazing things for the server - probably way more than I would ever be capable of doing myself.

    He has already fixed several issues and is really excited about his new role.

    Please join me in welcoming him to his new position. Try not to overwhelm him too much with questions (though maybe he would want to do an "AMA" thread :D )
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  2. Drzzter

    Drzzter Master Helper Elder

    Congrazzulationzez c0w!

    haha you get the boring job
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  3. Virgeric

    Virgeric Social Distancing since 1982! Moderator VIP Elder

    An inspired choice! c0wg0d has always been so helpful in Easy - I only hope he still has time to visit and help us Easy denizens from time to time!


    Now c0wg0d, about that Parkour server ....
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  4. LuckyLeo

    LuckyLeo Artisan VIP Helper

    Hehe, he does good at technology.

    c0ng4rtz c0w z0mg 4dm1n
  5. Greggor1000

    Greggor1000 Greggoroni Greggoroni Give Me The Formuoli VIP Helper

    Congratulations c0w :D
  6. StarWarsFan42

    StarWarsFan42 Master VIP Helper

    Wasn't he already one? :p I'm confused....xd
  7. LuckyLeo

    LuckyLeo Artisan VIP Helper

    I'm guessing that he was a moderator, and now promoted to Admin.. Or he's just gonna do some techno fixing stuff.
  8. Dotted_

    Dotted_ Master Helper

    Congratz c0w! U Deserve it! ;)
  9. Aerazykil

    Aerazykil Master VIP Elder


    Thanks Cheracc for trusting in him.

    Thanks c0wg0d for all the fixes so far!
  10. StarWarsFan42

    StarWarsFan42 Master VIP Helper

    I thought admins and mods were the same thing. :p

    Well anyways Congrats c0w! Your such a great help to The Sandlot!! :D

    THE_GLOSS Expert Helper

    Congrats c0w, you deserved it, you're always so helpful :D
    I'm sure you'll make a great administrator! ;)
  12. RexofAvalon

    RexofAvalon Master Helper

    P.S so your like the Techn0 c0w now?
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  13. Mariocrity

    Mariocrity Coin Collector VIP Helper

    Congratz, c0w!
  14. Abbz05_

    Abbz05_ Bad joke teller Moderator VIP

    Wow. Woooow! My jaw literally dropped!

    I give you my absolute c0ngratulati0ns c0w!!! :D

    You have really deserved this new position. You're beyond kind, very high patience, and incredibly awesome! I am really happy for you c0w! This is incredibly huge!

    I could go on and talk more... but I won't. :)

    Congrats c0w! M000!

    EDIT: Oooooh. You thought you could trick everyone, but not me! I see your real purpose for this. Hint hint: /give c0wg0d 1,000,000 wheat. Mhmm.
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  15. Cherries_02

    Cherries_02 Tiny, but fierce!

    That's fantastic! Congratulations c0w! :D
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  16. LunaLovegood

    LunaLovegood original JUNA Helper

    Congratz c0w! make sure to still play in easy...
    EDIT: Wait what is the list of admins and mods? I know bighat is an admin.
  17. DogboyOz

    DogboyOz Expert at dying in elytra crashes VIP

    Congrats c0w!
  18. StarWarsFan42

    StarWarsFan42 Master VIP Helper

    and don't forget ME! xd
  19. camerongrace10

    camerongrace10 Artisan Helper

    W0w c0w c0ngratz!
  20. RexofAvalon

    RexofAvalon Master Helper

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