Well there's something you don't see everyday...

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by c0wg0d, Sep 14, 2016.

  1. Yekulten

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    "SSSLLLUUURRRRPPPP!" having a drink while flying.
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  2. Xovyota

    Xovyota Has A Creative Title

    Yay! Thanks c0wwie w0wwie. ;)
  3. RoseHare

    RoseHare Title

    AAAAAAAH!! *everyone runs out of school and starts giggling*

    *everyone even the bus driver races 300mph to their homes*
    *they ran so fast when they opened the door a huge wind swept the inside of their houses*
    *bolts upstairs to computer*
    *rapidly taps a bunch of jumbled passwords*
    *quietly plays Sandlot until midnight*
    yaaaawn. I'm kind of tire-
    *crashes on computer keyboard*
  4. GrassPelt

    GrassPelt Master Helper Elder

    There's the Creative 1.10 Update. (Or at least the 1.9 Version) Thank you @c0wg0d

    Now I can show everyone how much I love Purpur :p
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  5. LunaLovegood

    LunaLovegood original JUNA Helper

    woop woop! I love them elytra!
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  6. c0wg0d

    c0wg0d Master Owner Moderator VIP Helper

    Yep, 1.10! I was just going to put some 1.10 blocks around and screenshot it, but decided this way would be more dramatic. :)
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  7. TeamTyler

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  8. SupersonicE9

    SupersonicE9 Retro Gamer Moderator VIP Helper Elder

    It is a flying c0w! That is s0 c00l! @c0wg0d
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  9. _Razz

    _Razz Redstone Warrior Moderator VIP Elder

    Well seeing that pigs fly, c0w had to show them he could too!
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  10. I_Awesome

    I_Awesome Expert

    c0w jumped over the moon
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  11. CaptainFinner

    CaptainFinner The Funny One VIP Helper

    I KNEW IT!!
    Thank you soo much c0w!! :)
  12. Diamond314

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  13. HotNate

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  14. _Razz

    _Razz Redstone Warrior Moderator VIP Elder

    That's true. cows are awesome!
  15. RennyBoi_320

    RennyBoi_320 Artisan

    Thanks a lot c0w! I know this must have taken you a while!
  16. Crab_Rangoon_

    Crab_Rangoon_ Artisan

    Nooo! Now @bearmasman can only play on Arenas and HG :(
  17. c0wg0d

    c0wg0d Master Owner Moderator VIP Helper

    Open a separate thread in the Get Help! forum and we will help. If Minecraft 1.8 works on the PC, 1.10 should work too.
  18. Crab_Rangoon_

    Crab_Rangoon_ Artisan

    Oh, I meant that he can play, it's just too laggy to even move on 1.10 :p
  19. cicikitty

    cicikitty Animal Guardian Helper

    Yay I can see Elytra wing mini games or parkour in the future :tuxedo:
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  20. CreeperSword

    CreeperSword Artisan

    W00T! W00T W00T!!

    Because when something is posted in announcements it shows up on home page.