The Sandlot in 2019 and Beyond!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by c0wg0d, Jan 2, 2019.

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    factions factions factions factions- yeah i'll stop trying now
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  2. EnchantedRos3

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    I have a giant question I came on the server in 1.13.1 and doors were Brocken and glass did not connect ASWELL as fences umm I tried 1.13 and same thing happened then I went back to 1.12.2 and it was fine nothing was wrong. Help me pls I am sooo confused pls fix these bugs
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    Use 1.12.2 on The Sandlot for the best results. When the server eventually updates to 1.13, then you can use that Minecraft version.
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  4. legendofbeedle

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    Thanks, c0w! You work really hard on the server and it’s much appreciated ^^
  5. Excel__

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    The sandlot uses (im guessing) a plugin named ViaVersion, which attempts to translate the old 1.12 network packets to the new 1.13 packets, so newer versions can connect to the server. However, in 1.13 mojang, bukkit (and a lot of other APIs like forge and fabric) had to overhaul a TON of the game code: meaning that the work for the ViaVersion developers was very challenging (I helped them with a couple bugs). Basically, the connection with 1.13 is going to be very glitchy, as the ViaVersion developers have not finished fixing rendering bugs.
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  6. sdmelder

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    I have a number of observations about this (but sadly I don't have the killer answer that it feels like is needed, but hopefully this is a useful contribution to the discussion).

    - resetting Easy at 1.13 will be excellent for Sandlot.

    CoolKittenz, CoolKaterz and I set up a home 1.13 server. Many of the new features, especially the oceans (plus swimming, bubble columns etc.), have kept us entertained for days. These features lend themselves to an Easy server, where younger players can have fun. Need to make sure Warm Ocean is accessible.

    I know it's taking time to update because it's a big challenge for some of the key plugin providers to update, and so we must wait - this is both because of the considerable changes in 1.13 and because these plugins have grown to the point where they are almost unnecessarily loaded with every imaginable feature that each needs updating and testing.

    - resetting Normal will also be a big boost

    but see below comments about Skyblock

    - Skyblock reset will be a good thing but...

    but I already miss caving and mining in Skyblock, and it seems likely that the new ocean features which can't really be incorporated will further distance Skyblock from the full Minecraft experience

    The biggest problem though will be that one of the best things about current Skyblock is that it is the one place where all ages and abilities can enjoy playing together. The youngest players love having their own island which they can set to peaceful, and be helped with resources by the amazing players we have who can ace the challenges. We might lose this as those young players move to Easy, which at the same time will not be a big enough challenge for the expert players to enjoy. The true power of The Sandlot is when the community comes together.

    - some general points

    I have observed playing Minecraft with my kids, that they love punching a tree, starting a new world etc. up to a point. That point is where they have to make an XP farm, mine a lot of diamonds, and enchant armour, all of which takes a lot of patience. This in turn means that the things you need the good armour/weapons for (nether fortresses, the End, various well defended overworld structures) are out of their reach. Obviously Easy reset should make sure there are suitable shortcuts for kids who need them to access everything.

    - Minecraft popularity issue

    I talk to parents all the time who think Minecraft is great, and their kids want to play with mine etc. I give them as much help and info as I can, but they still go off and get the Xbox or some other inferior version. In these days of tablets and phones, parents understand PCs and Macs less and less. This is a mini-tragedy as my kids, and hundreds of others I have seen playing here over the last 5 years have been enriched and educated by Minecraft specifically on this server, and the kind and generous community here. A new generation of kids is missing this opportunity.

    I sometimes think of making a 2 minute youtube, or other explainer, just as a way to tell parents why they should be getting the Java edition, and what opportunities this will afford their kids. Most kids (at least here in UK) are going to need a PC or Mac sooner or later anyway. My 3 kids all became competent typing at the keyboard by the age of 6 or 7, not to mention all the arithmetic needed, thanks to The Sandlot. Not sure if I will get around to making that explainer! If someone else would like to do it, I will help.
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  7. Excel__

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    I totally agree with what you said... but I think that 1.13 could actually help skyblock a lot too. Skyblock is all about making farms, and 1.13 introduces a lot of new farmable resources: you could make kelp farms, turtle farms, drowned farms and bamboo. Plus the water mechanics and bubble collums are going to make it VERY different (in my opinion interesting) for all the mob farm designs
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  8. FqdedColors

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    same as her / \
  9. Excel__

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    If you are referring to me... I'm male
  10. SupersonicE9

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    I just would like to state here that I think the new "Normal" and "Hard" labels look really nice! (Meaning on tab, lobby, and forums) I saw them yesterday.

    Thanks for all your hard work, c0w! :D
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  11. Cyber_Fenris

    Cyber_Fenris Expert VIP

    I'm going to miss dirtblock. I had a very nice island going there, and I think that dirtblock was better than skyblock for a big reason: in dirtblock, there's no need to worry about space, while in skyblock there is. So, one big question: when's the world download gonna come so I can take over someone else's island?

  12. slothygirl

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    Hi c0wg0d!!!I have not been playing because we got a new computer, and then the new update came so I could not go back. The server wouldn't work! :( I have two questions. In easy will all the stuff from our inventories be taken away? And I also want to know what the server code is so I could log on. I am so glad to be back where my family is!!!!!See you soon, C0wg0d!!!
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  13. Monkey_Chicka

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    Hi Slothy Girl,

    When Easy resets, we will all start from scratch with nothing from the previous easy world.

    Did you try logging on using these instructions: And this server address? (From the FAQs
  14. c0wg0d

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  15. TAfirehawk

    TAfirehawk Adept VIP

    How is the progress on updating to the latest Minecraft, which is on 1.14 this coming Tuesday?

    1.13 is the Update Aquatic
    1.14 is the Village & Pillage

    Tons and tons of new content that would really increase The Sandlot activity IMO.
  16. c0wg0d

    c0wg0d Master Owner Moderator VIP

    The update from 1.13 to 1.14 is not as daunting as it was from 1.12 to 1.13 according to some plugin developers I've talked to. Hopefully this means those plugins which have updated to 1.13 already will have a 1.14 version available shortly after the official release. I have been hesitant to upgrade any of our servers to 1.13 because 1.14 is so close and I didn't want to do double the work. Since things IRL have calmed down quite a bit now for me, I should be able to dedicate a lot more time toward maintenance of the server. There are a few large backend changes I'm working on that need to be completed first, then I will research the 1.14 update. It depends on when the developers have updates of course, but I'm hoping that we'll have most of our servers updated to 1.14 by this summer.
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  17. TAfirehawk

    TAfirehawk Adept VIP

    Thanks @c0wg0d for the info and all you do, my daughter and I really appreciate the effort from The Sandlot Team.
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  18. RatMazeMind

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    That's great news, but don't forget to have fun somehow, too! :D We don't want a burned-out c0w running our server. xd
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  19. ARGreat

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    Wow,I’m surprised to hear that! I was expecting to be behind for a while. I can’t wait to get use to all the massive changes! I won’t be bummed if it doesn’t happen though, since I would like to keep my iron farms ; )
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